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More than 30 years Experience From India & Abroad.

1.HAVC (Air. Conditioning System). - HAP 4.6.1(Heat Load Calculation), Duct Design, piping Design, VRF/VRV software, Equipment selection, Psychrometric Chart, Zamil software Designing, Elite20, etc.

2.Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm. - Pump calculation, hose reel & landing valve collection, pipe size, Flow rate Determination. Fire spink leers Head calculation & Area distribution. Smoke detector/ Heat detector coverage area ZCV selection etc.

3.Plumbing (Drainage/water supply/Sanitary) - Under ground/Above Ground Water Tank Calculation. Loading unit calculation. Pump head calculation, Daily demand calculation, Flow chart, Pipe size, Booster Pump Pressure vessel calculation. MH Sizing, Flow chart, Hydraulic collocation etc.

4.Electrical (LV/HV/LOW Current) - LV calculation cable-sizing (Lighting & power), Circuit Breaker size & component Elite 20 software, DB schedule NEMA Guidelines etc.

hvac software images

hvac software images

Specon India
Specon India

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Job oriented professional, skill & Technical Training Institute and wish them a memorable meaningful and working tenure and emerge as world class training as per International standards.

The Institute has state of an Infrastructure for the student to aware the rapidly changing methodology and technicalities in the phenomenally metamorphosis.

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