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*Plumber has significant role in sanitary works for building construction, commercial as well as Industrial plant service.

*All our plumbing courses will be as per CIBSE (plumbing code/Guidelines).

*Plumbing system has different way to search the human being that is use for sanitary, sanitary Required for water supply, water supply required for drainage .the waste & soil water through drainage system.

*More over as per the Green building resolution to save the water supply as well as re-use the drainage water In our life.


We Tech People For Beter Performance

*Sanitary fixers , & after soil, waste and Vent pipe.

*Standard slope for the discharge pipe (i.e.-waste pipe/soil pipe, vent pipe, rain water pipe)

*Designing of storm water drainage in the building.

*Manhole septic tank soak way fix, depreciation drainage design.

*External drainage connection with HIC (Housing Infection Chamber) &FIC (Final Infection Chamber)

*Details of AC Condensation water Drainage system.

*Layout of sanitary fixture in toilets/ bathrooms.

*Fixing of cold water/hot water pipes & fittings.

*Calculation for the underground tank & roof water tank size & water reserve capacity.

*Details of solar water heater system.

*Details of electrical water heater or centralized water heater system.

*Pump selection for transfer & booster for cold water supply.

*selection flow chart fraction lose & pipe sizing selection.

*External water supply connection manhole & under ground water tank.

*Filtration & ultraviolet installation & functions.

*Estimating hot water demand & hot water capacity.

*Flushing water & disinfection for portable water.

Plumbing Text Book
Plumbing Text Book

Plumbing Text Books

Specon India
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