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1. Any kinds of the Mechanical Appliances, Electrical Appliances and Electro Mechanical Appliances Should required with electrical power supply.

2. Without electricity no mechanical equipment will runs in the system.

3. All the controls system as well as electronic device, Telecommunication and instead of excess will be as Access control, structural cabling.

4. All the lighting control system (switch, socket, light, fan, plug point fan point etc is called low voltage power supply. It will be used residential, commercial & the factory, plant industry) for 220 volts power called Low voltage.

5. All the HV power supply that is high voltage power supply from transformer MCC panel (Motor control circuit, Fidder pillar power connection 440 volts is called HV.

6. Low current system called gate barrier, public address. CO2 system, nurse cooling system, excess control traction cabling is called Low current system.

7. The entire above course having the good opportunity for Jobs in India and Abroad.


We Tech People For Beter Performance

1.Introduction for the NEMA Standard.
2.Building service details.
3.Cable size for low voltage/HV/Low current system.
4.Fixing of cable tray, Trunking & Bus Bar.
5.Fixing of PVC & GI conduct with fixing GI box.
6.Fixing switch & sockets.
7.Lighting & power cable connection.
8.Fixing of capacitor Bank & MCC Panel.
9.Fixing of MDB, SMDB with electrical wire connection.
10.Fixing & Function of MCB, ELCB.
11.Detail of Load schedule.
12.Connection exhaust fan ( for power supply & Interface with Fire Alarm)
13.Fixing of Emergency & exit lighting.
14.Cable line for low current system i.e.( CCTV, Gate barrier, fire alarm, gas detection system , public address, access control etc)
15.HVAC Components, connection & cabling.


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